Patient and Clinician Engagement (PaCE) Program

PaCE (Patient and Clinician Engagement) is part of a NAPCRG project funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) under the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award Program. The purpose of PaCE is to develop a robust community of patients and primary care providers with knowledge and understanding of the unique features of patient-centered outcomes research related to primary care.

Too often, community partners in health research consist of health professionals and organizational leaders. PaCE aims to identify partners who are the “non-usual suspects” – people who are not necessarily medical or public health professionals, who are not aligned with a particular professional or personal research policy agenda, and whose local influence is defined within the context of the community versus job titles or credentials.

The objectives of PaCE are:

1.     Hold PaCE Preconferences to provide training for patient and primary care provider dyads on these topics:

  • Primary care
  • Primary care research
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
  • PCORI merit review
  • Pipeline-to-proposal development and application writing

2.     Support local PaCE symposia conducted by PaCE Precon dyads

3.     Produce PaCE webinars on essential elements of primary care and patient-centered outcomes research

4.     Dyad evaluation of primary care research findings at NAPCRG meetings (Patients’ Choice Awards)

5.     Support PaCE dyads who will submit a PCORI proposal

6.     Identify, train, and support PaCE dyads to become PCORI grant reviewer

For questions or to express interest in participating in any PaCE activities, contact Jessica Sand,