2020 Annual Meeting --- Presenter Information

The 2020 NAPCRG Annual Meeting will be virtual due to concerns with Covid-19. We realize that this may be your first time presenting in a virtual format, and we’re here to assist you. Please review this information and contact the staff shown below if you have questions or concerns that are technical in nature.

Step 1: Update Your Presentation Status

Go to https://submit.napcrg.org. For each of your accepted NAPCRG Annual Meeting abstracts you will see two links - "Will Present at Virtual Conference" and "Withdraw." If after reviewing the presentation instructions below, you agree to present virtually then you must click on the link "Will Present at Virtual Conference." If you cannot present virtually, then you must click on the "Withdraw" link. You must click one of these two links for each NAPCRG Annual Meeting pending submission.

Please be sure to follow the instructions in Step 1 above otherwise we will be sending you reminder emails each week.

Step 2: Preparing Your Virtual Presentation Based on Your Accepted Category 

All presentations will be pre-recorded and available to attendees to view at their own convenience on-demand. On-demand presentations will be available during and up to 90 days following the virtual conference November 20-24.

There will also be a comment section under each video presentation for viewers to leave comments/questions and for the presenter to comment/reply.

Oral Presentations: Presentations will be limited to no more than 15 minutes.  Presenters will be responsible for creating a recorded, narrated PowerPoint that will then be available for viewing on the conference platform.

Workshops, Forums, Pre-Conferences: Presentations will be limited to no more than 30 minutes. Presenters will be responsible for creating a recorded, narrated PowerPoint that will then be available for viewing on the conference platform.

How to Record Your Presentation:

  1. Use the provided NAPCRG PowerPoint template
  2. Record a narrated PowerPoint (video narration is optional)
  3. Save your file as a .pptx (for your records)
  4. Export your file as a: (Mac) .mp4 or .mov (PC) .avi or .wmv (for NAPCRG). MP4 is preferred (when choosing video quality, please select Internet Quality)
  5. File should be named: submission ID #_video (i.e.  4567_video.mp4)

Resources on creating a narrated PowerPoint:

  1. Record A Slide Show With Narration
  2. Making A PowerPoint Video Presentation © American Academy of PAs. Used with permission.
  3. Tips for presenting with video

Handouts: All handouts associated with your presentation should be saved as a single PDF file.

Poster Presentation Sessions: All poster presentations will include a visual of the poster, abstract, and an optional 1-3 minute video recording.

How to Create Your Poster Presentation:

  1. Create your poster as you would for display at the conference
  2. Save the file for your records
  3. Export the file as a .jpg or .png to send NAPCRG
    • Presenters may need to adjust the image width and height before saving to ensure poster readability 
  4. File should be named: submission ID #_poster (i.e. 4567_poster.png)
  5. Record 1-3 minute presentation video about your poster project (Optional)
  6. Upload your video to YouTube
  7. How-to resource for uploading a video to YouTube: Upload videos - YouTube Help
  8. Link for YouTube video should be for embedded link - similar to https://www.youtube.com/embed/xxxxxx
  9. See https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/get-embed-urllink-youtube-video/ for how to get the embed link
  10. Handout file type .pdf (Optional)
    1. File name should be submission ID #_handout.pdf (i.e. 4567_handout.pdf)

Step 3: Upload Your Presentation to NAPCRG

Poster Presentation Sessions:

Click "Upload Materials." Follow the instructions on the screen and select "Choose File" to upload your poster file. 
Optional: Enter your YouTube video link in the text box. 
Optional: Select Handout File "Choose File" to add a PDF handout. 
Click "Submit Material." You will receive an email confirmation once your materials are uploaded. 

Oral, Workshop, and Forum Presentation Sessions:

Click "Upload Materials." Follow the instructions on the screen and select "Upload Video File" link under Step 1. A new window to a Dropbox folder will open. Add your presentation video to this folder by either dragging and dropping the file into the square or clicking the "+" icon. After adding your file, if you are not logged in to your own Dropbox account, you will type in your name and email in the requested fields and then click "upload." Depending on your file size the upload may take 10-15 minutes. 

Once you receive confirmation that your file has uploaded to Dropbox, return to the NAPCRG upload screen. Enter the video file name (your file must be completely uploaded to DropBox before you can do this step). Then upload your optional handouts (single combined PDF) and click "Submit Material." You will receive an email confirmation from NAPCRG and Dropbox. 

Important Information

**Please note: Once your file is submitted, no changes or modifications can be made to the file. Be sure to practice and review your file(s) before submitting.**

In order to release this content by the start of the Annual Meeting (November 20), all materials are due to NAPCRG by Friday, October 23 at 11:59pm CT. Only presentation materials received by this deadline will be available on the virtual platform. We are unable to accept any additional presentations after this date.

All presenters are required to register for the NAPCRG Annual Meeting. Registration information can be found here

For questions contact Jennifer Mammele, jmammele@napcrg.org.

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