2023 International Conference on Practice Facilitation



Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD & Melinda Davis, PhD, Conference Co-Chairs
Aimee R. Eden, PhD, MPH, AHRQ
Vivian Ramsden, RN, PhD, MCFP (Hon.), FCAHS, NAPCRG

Beyond the Trailhead: Finding the Right Guide for Your Practice Change Expedition
Presented by Ariel Singer, MPH

Navigating the Complexities of Practice Facilitation and Policy
Presented by Alison N. Huffstetler MD, FAAFP

Practice Facilitation to Guide an Unhealthy Alcohol Use Intervention; the experience across six grantees
Presented by Dawn Bishop, BAS; Michelle Rockwell, PhD, RD; Gabriela Villalobos, MSW; Stephanie Kirchner, MSPH, RD; Tiff Weekly, MA
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World Café
Hosts: Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD & Melinda Davis, PhD

Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD & Melinda Davis, PhD, Conference Co-Chairs


Practice Facilitation: Get Your Foot in the Door; Presented by Jennifer Morphis, BS; Linda Byrd, BS; Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD, BTh; Juell Homco, PhD, MPH
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Using Normalization Process Theory to Identify PF factors that Promote or Inhibit QI; Presented by Mark Watt, MSc, RN, BN; Frances Mair, MD, FRCGP; Shaelynn Garner, BA, BEd
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Building Trust: Narrative Leadership to Enhance Practice Facilitation; Presented by Alexander Mansour, MPH; Brian Park, MD, MPH; Sarah Smithson
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The Mystery of Poor A1C Control; Presented by Missy McCullough, MPH; Juell Homco, PhD, MPH; Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD, BTh
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Effective Communication and Coordination for a Multi-Level Collaborative Intervention; Presented by Jennifer Coury, MA; Brittany Badicke, MPH; Emily Myers, MPH; Mackenzie Olson, MBA; Erin Kenzie, PhD; Gloria Coronado; Melinda Davis, PhD, MCR
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Hut Hut Halt! Tackling facilitation challenges and barriers before they tackle you; Presented by Laken Barkowski, BSN, MHS, RN, MSHS; Neha Sachdev, MD, MS
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Practice Facilitation: Relationship Building, Facilitation Strategies, and Adapting to Change; Presented by Heather Gamble, BS; Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD, BTh; Juell Homco, PhD, MPH; Lee Jennings, MD, MSHS; Lourdes G Planas, PhD, BPharm; Chuck Tryon, MSKM
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Keeping track of what we are doing: Successes and challenges in tracking practice facilitation activities and outcomes; Presented by Jessica Mogk, MPH; Carly Levitz, BA, MPH; Kelsey Stefanik-Guizlo, MPH; Claire Allen; Joseph Glass
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Practice Facilitation to Improve CRC Screening in Rural Clinics in Missouri; Presented by Nuha Wareg, MBBS, MPH, Nursing PhD Candidate; Jane McElroy, PhD; Alicia Vaca, BSN, MPH, RN; Brandon Spratt; Kevin Everett, PhD
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Diagnosing Practices and Mapping Change; Presented by Jessica Williams, BEd, PCMH-CCE
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(Spotlight Presentation) All Aboard! A phased and team-based approach to onboarding and competency assessment for new practice facilitators; Presented by: Laken Barkowski, BSN, MHS, RN, MSHS; Linda Murakami, BSN, MHA, RN, BSN, MSHA; Jane Drage, BS, CMA, PMP; Susanna Lovik, RN
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Facilitating Care Coordination between Primary care and Referral Consultants; Presented by Mark Watt, MSc, RN, BN; Paula Hanrahan, BSN, MN, RN; Nancy Dillon, DNP, RN
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Finding 10,000 ways that won’t work: facilitating adoption of universal social screening in primary care; Presented by Ariel Singer, MPH; Sophia Mun, MPH
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Increasing Developmental Screening in LA County Using a Practice Coaching Model; Presented by Jennifer Aiello, MS; Annette Espalin
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Improving screening and treatment for unhealthy alcohol use: Preliminary qualitative outcomes of the ANTECEDENT study; Presented by Chrystal Barnes, BS; Erin Kenzie, PhD; Melinda Davis, PhD, MCR; Maya Singh, MS; Brigit Hatch, MD, MPH; Jennifer Coury, MA; Tiff Weekley, MA; Victoria Sanchez, MS
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Facilitating Alcohol Screening and Treatment (FAST) Lessons Learned in Colorado; Presented by Jennifer Halfacre; Andrew Bienstock, MHA; Stephanie Kirchner, MSPH, RD; Carolyn Swenson
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The Facilitators Tailoring Menu: Pilot Study from EvidenceNOW on Managing Urinary Incontinence; Presented by Reid Parks, BS, MS; Heidi Brown, MD; Joan Neuner, MD, MPH; Mona Mathews; Lori Manteufel, BA; Kathryn Flynn, PhD; Edmond Ramly, PhD, MS
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Huddle are core and more: communication skills to support practice change; Presented by Mark Watt, MSc, RN, BN; Kate Hurst, BA, BSc, RN; Eduardo Salas
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Expanding our person-centered approaching incorporating trauma informed and culturally sensitive care; Presented by Mark Watt, MSc, RN, BN; Kate Hurst, BA, BSc, RN; Shaelynn Garner, BA, BEd
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Impacting Change in PF through Human-Centered Management Approaches; Presented by Stephanie Dance, MBA
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Integrating Substance Use Disorder Interventions Across Colorado; Presented by Kathy Cebuhar, MA, LPC; Lauren Quintana, MS; Jennifer Halfacre; Monika Saran
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DEIA Allyship Training – Allyship 101; Presented by Taryn Bogdewiecz, BA; Kathy Cebuhar, MA, LPC

DEIA in Practice Facilitation Part 2: Gender Equity and LGBTQ+ Rights; Presented by Taryn Bogdewiecz, BA

(Invited Skill Lab) The Power of Storytelling; Presented by Elaine Uchison, MS
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Practice-Facilitator-Led, Cross-Sector Relational Coordination Pilot Study for Veteran Care Access: Preliminary Findings; Presented by Mary Patzel, Alexandra Moore, Chrystal Barnes, BS

Engaging Residents in Practice Facilitation; Presented by Ione Locher, MD, BA, MS; Jenna Buchanan, MD

Health Equity & Inclusivity PDSA: A real life practice example of Health Equity and Inclusion work; Presented by Jennifer Halfacre; Douglas Fernald, MA; Robyn Wearner, MA, RD, PMP

Periodic Reflections and Practice Facilitation: Making Space for Implementation Strategy Development; Presented by Anders Herreid-O'Neill, MA; Melinda Davis, PhD, MCR; Brittany Badicke, MPH; Emily Myers, MPH; Erin Kenzie, PhD; Mackenzie Olson, MBA; Jennifer Coury, MA; Mellodie Seater, BS

Research Facilitator and Champion Roles in Fostering Curiosity among Clinicians in the Minnesota Primary Care PBRN; Presented by Kristin Boman, MPH

(2023 Poster Award Winner) Spreading the implementation of a peer-support intervention for justice-involved veterans leaving incarceration; Presented by D. Keith McInnes, PhD; Beth Ann Petrakis, MPA; Bo Kim, PhD; Thomas Byrne; Eric Richardson, PhD; Maria Venegas, PhD, MPH; Vincent Song; Justeen Hyde

Funding for this conference was made possible in part by grant 1R13HS027287-03 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The views expressed in written conference materials or publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services; nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

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