Distinguished Research Mentor Award

Distinguished Mentor Award

The Distinguished Mentor Award is intended to acknowledge outstanding mentorship of a NAPCRG member over the course of his/her career.   

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Both the nominee and the nominator must be current NAPCRG members.
  • The nominee must be at least 10 years into his/her research and/or academic career.
  • An individual may only win the Distinguished Mentor Award once.

Nomination/Submission Process:

1)    By March 1, 2020, each nominator will submit the following materials electronically:

  • A letter of support, written by the nominator, clearly depicting why the nominee should receive this award. A small portion of the letter should stipulate why the nominee is eligible for this award (i.e. is a NAPCRG member, has not won the award previously and is at least 10 years into his/her academic career).
  • Up to two additional letters of reference from current or former trainees, junior researchers and/or junior faculty who have been mentored by the nominee. Letters may be countersigned by more than one individual.
  • Nominees from the previous three years will be held for consideration and contacted prior to the deadline to update their materials on file.

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2)    The Awards Sub-Committee Chair will contact each nominee via e-mail to inform him/her that he/she is being considered for the Distinguished Mentor Award. The nominee will be required to submit the following by May 15, 2020: 

1. current curriculum vitae (five pages maximum)
2. summary of his/her mentoring activities (three pages maximum)

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Evaluation Process: Complete submissions will be evaluated independently by at least three members of the Awards Sub-Committee. Submitted scores will be tallied and averaged to identify a recipient. The recipient of the Distinguished Mentor Award will be recognized and receive a commemorative plaque at the Awards Breakfast during the Annual Meeting.

If you have questions regarding submitting your materials or need technical assistance in doing so please contact Julie Sutter at jsutter@napcrg.org.

If you have questions or require additional information regarding the Distinguished Mentor Award, please contact Dr. Lorraine Wallace, NAPCRG Awards Sub-Committee Chair (Lorraine.Wallace@osumc.edu  or 614-366-1785).

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