Application to Become a Board or Committee Member

Overview & Process

To apply: 

  • Submit the completed nomination application form and your résumé / CV by midnight, March 1, 2019. All nominees must complete this nomination application to be considered for the position. 
  • Complete the Conflict of Interest form found here and send to Tom Vansaghi at or fax to 913-906-6096 
  • Copies of the completed application will be distributed to the Governance Committee and members of the Board of Directors and will aid in understanding how you would like to contribute to the organization's work. 


  • All applications and résumé / CV's will be reviewed by the Governance Committee. 
  • Governance Committee will make recommendations for each open board position to the Board of Directors. Board of Directors meet and review the recommendations and then motion for selection. 
  • Committee member nominations will submitted to the respective committee chair.

The deadline to complete a nomination was March 1, 2019.


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